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Elements of a Good Medical Transcription

Over the years people have experienced bad medical administration due to poor transcription. The problem at times is due to human error or poor medical administration. It is sensitive in that a simple mistake in transcription can cause a lot of damage the reason one need to be careful when doing transcription. When hiring a transcriptionist there are some traits that one should consider avoiding such scenario of a client loosing life due to poor transcription. It is therefore important for one to hire a well-informed transcriptionist who will provide relevant information to clients. A good medical transcription should have the following factors.

A good medical transcription should be understandable by either a client or any other individual. When a transcriptionist is composing a medical report he or she should understand that the report will be used by other individuals so he or she should ensure the report is well written. Being understandable means the kind of grammar used should be well punctuated and well composed. A well written report will ensure no wrong medication is administered to a client since the report is clear and understandable on how the procedure should be followed. Before hiring a transcriptionist one should ensure that he or she is good at writing and speaking fluently English. The medical also should be direct to the point which makes it understandable no unwanted stories in it. One is capable of avoiding this if he or she understands well what he or she is writing about.

When writing a good medical report one should ensure that it doesn’t contain a lot of words that is being long. A less wordy report is important as it addresses a specific issue directly. It will also enable one safe time and attend other important tasks. Since medical field is such a busy one no individual will waste time in reading a long written report instead he or she should be attending to other tasks. A long drafted transcription will demoralize one reading it as it will require a lot of his or her time. A less wordy report is usually direct to the specific point that one need to address therefore, no wastage of time reading and rereading a report just to understand it.

Timing of a medical transcription is one quality that makes a medical transcription to be considered good. Making a transcription readily available is important as it can safe life when readily available thus, a good medical transcription is one which can be accessed easily. When seeking medical administration one should ensure that his or her report or transcription from previous medical visit is readily available. Timely available would mean that the report or transcription is there one it is needed for medical administration purposes.

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