Plan Ahead to Get Everything you Need for a Great Barbecue

Nothing says summer like an amazing family barbecue. Opening the yard and inviting a crowd over for some great conversation and delicious food is a tradition that is shared by people across the country. Good organization is required to keep the party lively into the night. Here is how to make certain you Get Everything You Need for a Great Barbecue.

Make a Guestlist

The invitations do not need to be formal, or even in writing, but a written guest list will help to prevent forgetting anyone. Choose a broad selection of neighbors, coworkers and friends and family. Conversations become more lively and interesting when there is a larger level of diversity in the group. Start sending out notices of the barbecue about two weeks prior and make certain that any RSVPs returned include a mention of what everyone wants to bring along.

Create a Menu

Every meal, snack and beverage should be listed on the menu to make it easier to create a shopping list. No one wants to be running around town on the day of the party looking for last minute items. It is a good idea to note what is needed to prepare and serve the meals in addition to what the food will be. This ensures that there are enough grills, smokers and other gear available on the day of the party, or that more can be obtained if a shortage is a concern.

Plan the Layout

Make certain that inside the home people can easily access a bathroom without tracking too much mess through the house. Outside there should be several stations. Set up a buffet area and beverage station so people can fill and refill their plates without interrupting people working in the food preparation area. Set aside an area for children or adults that want to play games, throw footballs or other activities. Create a dining and conversation area with plenty of tables and seating.

A great barbecue is only possible when there are plenty of people for conversation and games and plenty of food and drinks to keep all those people happy. Plan well and avoid the temptation to do it all alone. A little assistance before and during the event will make it much easier and more enjoyable for the hosts too.