How to Handle a DUI Charge Stemming From an Accident

Most people don’t intend to have more drinks than they should and then get into their vehicle and drive. However, this happens frequently because most people don’t realize just how little alcohol is needed for them to be impaired. Driving takes an incredible amount of concentration and attentiveness, and just a little bit of alcohol can impede a person to the point they cause an accident in a situation where they normally would have been able to avoid it.

An Accident Can Lead to a DUI

Depending on the severity of the accident, police will be called to take a report. If they suspect a driver is under the influence of alcohol and caused the accident because of this, they might give them a DUI test. If the person fails this test, they could be arrested and charged with a DUI as well as receive a ticket for causing the accident. This can be more complicated than just a DUI charge, especially if the accident led to injuries for other people in their vehicle or the other vehicle.

More Serious Charges and Possible Civil Suit

Depending on the severity of the accident, it’s possible the driver will face more serious charges than just a DUI. If someone was killed in the accident, the driver could face manslaughter charges, which are far more serious than the DUI charge would be. Additionally, the driver could be sued by the victims of the accident for medical expenses, vehicle repair costs, and other expenses relating to the accident.

Contacting an Attorney for Help is Crucial

Any driver who has caused an accident and been charged with a DUI as a result needs to contact an attorney right away for help. The attorney will let them know what all of their options are and inform them of whether anything can be done to minimize the penalties if they’re convicted of the DUI.

If you’ve been arrested after an accident because you were suspected of being over the legal limit for alcohol while driving, make sure you contact an attorney right away for help. Visit the website of a Tulsa DUI attorney now to learn more about how they can help you.